Helping the diagnosis

What clinical information and tests are necessary for diagnosing OCD?

Clinical data
To send clinical data, the consultant have to click on “Form” indicated in the menu bar and fill out the form.

Simple skeletal X rays
The X-rays should be of good quality and should reveal the complete skeleton of the newborn (babygram). This babygram should be taken in both projections AP and lateral. If hands and feet are not visible, then X-rays of hands and feet have to be taken.
Click here to see examples.

Clinical photos
Take photos of the whole body of the newborn (front, back and lateral view). Any important and/or different detail should be photographed separately.

DNA for molecular study
Blood sample for DNA extraction should be taken whenever possible. A blood sample can be obtained from the umbilical cord or from any other possible source. If DNA extraction is not possible in your service, please consider the possibility of sending us the blood sample. In this case, please contact us by e-mail or telephone or click “contact” on the menu bar.

Autopsy examination
Autopsy examination can be very important. The growth plate should be carefully examined or preserved for posterior evaluation when necessary. If necessary, please contact us.

Other tests
Other tests could be necessary, but their indication will be evaluated after the previous results have been concluded.

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