How to send the material

Radiography and clinical photos
Copies of the X-rays and the clinical photos should be sent via a download in the place indicated on the the form. The photos could also be sent by e-mail.

Samples of blood or another biological material
To send a blood sample, or DNA or other biological material, please inform us by e-mail. Use the address in the contact section. We would ask you kindly to send the samples by express service.

Use the local consent form (for the clinical photos and for the biological samples). If necessary, ask us for our consent form. Information about privacy is on the first page of this site. (Home).


Guidance to take photos of the X-rays

  • Use the machine without flash
  • Put the X-rays on the negatoscope in a dark room
  • Avoid lights (artificial or natural, ex: light coming from the window) on the radiography
  • Use the automatic focus
  • Use the white black configuration of the machine

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